Startup@HBS | Episode 8

Do you have the startup bug? Recently, entrepreneurship has become a major area of focus for b-schools; anyone with an idea is encouraged to go for it. But is scrappiness really all it takes? In season 2, episode 8 of We Are HBS, we get real start-up stories from folks who have the scars and wisdom to show for it. Learn about how finding the right cofounder is like dating, faking it till you make it, and how critical it is to follow your gut. Featuring: John Keck, Ankith Harathi, Benjamin Dupays, and Clare Simonis.

Hosted by Jade Enns and Bhargav Srinivasan 

Directed by Valentina Zarya

Marketing by Isabel Yap

Produced by Farrah Bui and Amelia Elverson

Sponsored by the Harvard Business School Student Association