Hustle@HBS | Episode 4

B-school can be costly - luckily, there’s a variety of ways to make ends meet. In Season 2, episode 4 of We Are HBS, we chat with members of the HBS community who’ve got a side hustle. Our guests include Miss Massachusetts 2019, a lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve, and the first business hire in a robotics start-up. Along the way they share various lessons, including how they balance this work with classes, cases, important relationships...and sleep. Listen and be inspired! Featuring: Jose Barreto, Akash Nandi, and Kelly O’Grady

Hosted by Jade Enns and Bhargav Srinivasan 

Directed by Valentina Zarya

Marketing by Isabel Yap

Produced by Farrah Bui and Amelia Elverson

Sponsored by the Harvard Business School Student Association