Love@HBS | Episode 1

We kick off season two of We Are HBS—Harvard Business School’s only student-produced podcast—with a behind-the-scenes look at love on campus. Listen to couples from different walks of life get real about what it’s like to be one of a pair. From the RCs who fell in love just last semester to the alumni who just got back from their honeymoon, here’s what it’s really like to love…at HBS. Featuring: Jonathan Biagiotti, Rebecca Cai, Robi Cai, Cassie Choi, Amelia Elverson, Kate Grosch, Zack Hoyt, and Proud Limpongpan.

Hosted by Jade Enns and Bhargav Srinivasan 

Directed by Valentina Zarya

Produced by Farrah Bui and Amelia Elverson

Sponsored by the Harvard Business School Student Association