New We Are HBS Podcast with Jess Zhao about the HBS Show and more

Jess Zhao graduated from HBS a few months ago. During HBS, Jess was a leader in comedy and performance art at school. She was the Head Writer of the HBS Show, a yearly-performed musical parody that presents the HBS student life experience through the lens of a special topic (this year - Lord of the Rings). The show is completely student written, produced, choreographed and performed. Listening to the podcast, you can learn about Jess' experience with comedy and creativity at HBS, the creative process of how the HBS Show is developed, and how the specialized HBS classes such as Business Entertainment and Media helped Jess further develop her passion. You can also get a peek into the quirky norms of HBS life that Jess loves to use as seed for her stand ups.

The HBS Show has a youtube account - past trailers, clips, and more -, where you can learn more about comedy at HBS.

Hosted by Madeline Keulen and Brett Neustadt

Produced by Tim Shi, Imola Pinter, and D. R. Rockwell

Sponsored by the Harvard Business School Student Association