Do you have 1,001 questions about RC year?  
The EC Ambassadors are here to help!

The EC Ambassador Program is a year-long initiative comprised of 25 dedicated second-year students who, we hope, will become your go-to resources on campus to help you answer any questions or help you get the resources that you need

Who are the EC Ambassadors?

The EC Ambassadors are a selected group of second year students (EC’s) who are invested in helping you acclimatize to campus and navigate your first year at HBS

The EC Ambassadors are a diverse group of students who hail from all parts of the world with varying career backgrounds, academic involvement, and personal interests

What do the EC Ambassadors do?

The EC Ambassadors will be participating in Orientation Week (8/27 -9/3) to make sure that your first week at HBS is a smooth transition

Throughout the RC year, the EC Ambassadors will be periodically checking in with your section, arranging small group events, and participating in panel discussions about important topics your RC Year

When will I meet the EC Ambassadors?

Throughout August 2016, the EC Ambassadors will be introducing themselves on the Class of 2018 Facebook page.  During Orientation Week (8/27 - 9/3), you will have the opportunity meet them on campus 

How can I get in touch?

The EC Ambassadors are available to answer any questions you may have before you arrive.  As you read the bios below, if there are certain EC Ambassadors you would like to contact, feel free to send them an email (link below) or Facebook message

EC Ambassador Contact Information

EC Ambassadors

B Cole.jpg

Benjamin "Benny" Cole

Hey RC’s – If you ever want somebody to keep it real with you just holla at me

  • Interests: Being a STEM advocate for the youth, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts, Social Enterprises, Improv Comedy
  • HBS Clubs: Boxing & Fitness Club, African American Student Union, Africa Business Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC's: Everybody will pretend as if they don’t care about things or they’re not trying as hard just to seem cool. Forget them, do you
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Career switching into consulting, coming from a background of Engineering, being a minority at HBS, living the section X lifestyle without actually being section X, dealing with FOMO
  • Section: Old C

latoya headshot.jpg

Bankole Makanju

Bankole is a recovering consultant from Lagos, Nigeria. He spent most of his professional life working across Africa and plans to return after HBS

  • Interests: Investing, Government policy, basketball. Travel, (very good) coffee
  • HBS Clubs: Venture Capital and Private Equity Club; Africa Business Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: It will go by so quickly, there’s nothing you can do about it. Making genuine friendships usuallytakes time and work – don’t be worried when it doesn’t happen quickly
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Being an international student, working in Africa, management consulting
  • Section: Old E

Aaron Whittemore

Aaron is an electrical and computer engineer from Millville, Ma. He previously worked at Raytheon in Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and Florida

  • Interests: Baseball, hockey, the gym, technology, my 18lb cat, family, friends and coffee
  • HBS Clubs: Tech Club, Management Consulting Club, Business School Blades (hockey team), Business of Sports Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Don’t feel pressured into anything that makes you uncomfortable – be it financially, socially or anything else.  Determine your priorities early and revisit them often to make the most out of this experience. Non-finance folks – I had never heard of an NPV either, don’t worry
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Engineering, tech, Shad, Field 2 Argentina, married partners, tutoring, academic stress
  • Section: Old A


Adzmel Adznan

International EC Ambassador

Adzmel is a trained engineer, accidental strategist and aspiring writer from Malaysia. His RC year was marked by many memorable trips with his close friends and his whimsical articles on The Harbus

  • Professional interests: Oil & gas, energy, investment in developing country, executive coaching
  • Personal interests: Writing, traveling, reading, live music and concerts
  • HBS Clubs: Outdoor Club, Energy & Environment Club, The Harbus, SA
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: On the last day of RC year, you will only remember a few key moments and so, make that moments highs and not lows. Only YOU have the control over the experience, but you will be much appreciated (and loved) by everyone around you if you proactively shape your friends’ experience too. As cliché as this sounds, RC year is a roller coaster – this is a case fact, so don’t dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives!
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Energy, especially if you’re looking at a career in oil & gas, from operations to investment; Being international at HBS; How to plan meaningful trips with your friends that involve little drinking and partying; Being over-30 at HBS!
  • Section: Old B

ankit headshot.jpg

Amy Shi

Amy grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she was a consultant at McKinsey. Amy transferred to the New Jersey office the year before HBS, where she intends to return to after school

  • Interests: Travelling off the beaten path, food & wine, tennis, water sports, retail and consumer goods, fashion, small group dinners
  • HBS Clubs: Retail & Luxury Goods Club, Marketing Club, Venture Capital & Private Equity Club, Australia & New Zealand Club, Asian-American Business Association
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: HBS is an amazing place, but it can also feel scary and overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Reach out for help and talk to others when you need it. You won’t believe how many incredible resources the school has, and how open your section mates are to help you get through any issue – they really are like family away from home. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Transitioning to HBS as an international student, recruiting as an international student, career switching, FIELD 2 in Brazil
  • Section: Old J


Andie Schroeder

Hi y’all! I’m from Austin, Texas, was an engineer at Northwestern, and lived in Chicago before HBS

  • Interests: Dance parties, wine, being outside, travel, country music & BBQ.  Professionally…process optimization and operations (I know, I know)
  • HBS Clubs: HBS Show, Beyond Dance, Texas Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Make yourself an HBS bucket list and keep it somewhere visible. Time will fly, and this way you can hold yourself accountable to a handful of things you want to do (can be big, small, serious, fun!)
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Geo-centric recruiting, long-distance relationships, living off-campus, anything!
  • Section: Old B


Andrea Montero

Andrea is from Medellin, Colombia and has lived several years in Orlando and New York, where she worked pre-HBS. Andrea worked in the financial services industry and plans to return post HBS. She loves a good run by the Charles and to listen to acoustic music

  • Professional Interests: investing, asset management, fixed income, macro economics
  • Personal Interests: exercising (running and spinning), travel, documentaries, music, sudoku, watercolor painting
  • HBS Clubs: Latin America Club (co-president), Investing Club, VCPE Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Find your unique value proposition. Whether that is being great at networking and connecting people, or being technically savvy, know what you bring to the table. Doing so will allow you to better connect with others and have more confidence in yourself! 
  • Reach out to me with questions about: living off-campus, working in finance or being a woman in finance, balancing health and wellness while at HBS, being from Latin America, managing classes and travel
  • Section: Old G


Andrew O'Connor

Andrew is a civil engineer from Toronto, Canada where he has spent most of his pre-HBS life. He’s planning to return home to work in consulting after HBS

  • Interests: Transportation, cities, urban planning, infrastructure, government and politics, travel to Africa and the Middle East, music, modern art, fiction, newspapers, coffee
  • HBS Clubs: Student Association, LGBTSA, Board Fellows Social Enterprise Consulting, Canadian Club, Management Consulting Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: There is no one “right” way to do an MBA – everyone has different reasons for doing an MBA and wants to get different things out of the experience. It’s worth spending some time up-front to reflect on what your goals are and what you want to get out of the experience, and then using that to help you chart your own individual path for the two years
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting recruiting, long-distance relationships, being an introvert at HBS, doing FIELD 2 in Peru
  • Section: Old B

Bryan Coburn

Bryan is a Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. Before HBS he designed and developed biomedical devices at Biomet and ran fleet maintenance for American Airlines

  • Interests: Healthcare, Government and Public Policy, Travel, Music, Independent Films, Travel, Craft Beer
  • HBS Clubs: Government and Public Policy (Co-President), Management Consulting Club (CFO), Midwest Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Say yes to things you normally wouldn’t. You will spend a lot of time struggling with FOMO and you will find yourself falling into only doing things within your comfort zones. Make a point to try some new experiences and meet people you might not normally interact with
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting, Recruiting, Traveling, Healthcare, Shifting from Technical Experience to Business, Anything
  • Section: Old E


Daniel Cramer

International EC Ambassador

Daniel is a former consultant from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Prior to consulting, Daniel worked at a Dutch political party and in banking. In the future, he hopes to re-join the public sector

  • Interests: Football (the European version, with the round ball), Economics, Politics, Campaigning, Small-scale theatre plays
  • HBS Clubs: Football/soccer, Art, Europe, Media
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Mistakes are exactly what you should be making at HBS – it’s a fail-safe environment, never a better time to experiment! (the biggest challenge of them all is to actually enjoy doing things differently / things you are not necessarily good at)
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Being an international student, balancing school vs. sports vs. section activities, consulting recruiting, FIELD 2 in Peru, HBS & public sector, Amsterdam
  • Section: Old H

quinn headshot.jpg

George Khoury

George is a mechanical engineer from Montreal, Canada where he held 3 corporate jobs over 6.5 years. He was born in Jordan, and is considering Europe (London) as a potential post-HBS destination

  • Interests: Technology, the environment and sustainability, languages, science, sports (basketball, swimming, tennis, soccer)
  • HBS Clubs: LGBT; Sound Society; Transportation, Infrastructure, and Logistics
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: You don’t have to get involved in everything – give yourself time to absorb this beautiful experience
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting recruiting, LGBT issues, doing FIELD work in the Philippines
  • Section: Old H

Jenna Messer

Jenna is from New York and spent the last five years in Private Banking. She is interested consumer tech and start-ups

  • Interests: International Travel, Wine Tasting, Skiing, Reading, Cooking, Consumer Behavior, Technology, Marketing and Sales
  • HBS Clubs: Board Fellows Social Enterprise Consulting, Section H Leadership & Value Rep, Wine and Cuisine Society, Entrepreneurship Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: My advice would be to become comfortable being uncomfortable. This is the time to test and push yourself to do things you haven’t done
  • Reach out to me with questions about: The section experience, working in banking/private banking, being married at HBS, recruiting at start-ups, support services at HBS
  • Section: Old H

Kathy Choi

Kathy spent her career in a variety of roles in education, government, non-profit management consulting and education technology. She’s a Los Angeles native who spent most of her adult life on the East Coast, but is looking to get back West post-HBS

  • Interests: Craft beer, hacking travel points, food blogs, exploring hidden neighborhoods, Duke basketball
  • HBS Clubs: CPG/Marketing Club, Tech Club, Leadership & Human Capital Club, Social Enterprise Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Don’t join too many clubs! It’s a waste of money and the best events get advertised campus wide anyway. If you get sick first semester (most all of you will), don’t come to class! Otherwise you’ll get the entire Section sick (happened to Old D)
  • Reach out to me with questions about: West Coast life at HBS, consulting/marketing/education recruiting, being married at HBS, living off-campus
  • Section: Old D


Kim Teti

Kim is a consultant who grew up in Allentown, PA, but spent the last 7 years in DC.  She spent her summer working in Strategy at Under Armour and is planning to return to DC after graduation

  • Interests: International politics, reading every night, spinning classes, traveling, finding new restaurants, NY Giants, crosswords, tea, and “trashy” television (Real Housewives, Bachelor, etc.)
  • HBS Clubs: Marketing & CPG Club, Board Fellows & Social Enterprise Consulting Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Take advantage of the diverse student body at HBS and the great opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds.  If you don’t know someone well in your Section, take the initiative to grab coffee or meet up in Spangler for lunch.  You will likely find your closest friends at HBS in people that are different from you
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting, recruiting on sponsorship, time management, case prep techniques, FIELD 2 in the Philippines
  • Section: Old H


Lauren Rosenblum

Lauren is originally from New Orleans, but prior to HBS she spent four years in New York City working at Citigroup, focusing on Consumer Credit Cards

  • Interests: Design thinking, non-profits, the New Orleans Saints, running, discovering new restaurants, traveling
  • HBS Clubs: Design Club, Wine and Cuisine Society, Sexual Assault Taskforce
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: You’re going to be really busy and things will not slow down until Finals roll around, so deliberately manage your time and calendar. Literally track your class participation, so there aren’t any surprises at the end of the semester. You may feel like you’re speaking a decent amount, but you may be talking significantly more in one class and not enough in another
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Start-up recruiting / “non-traditional” recruiting, doing FIELD 3 in Indonesia, being dyslexic at HBS
  • Section: Old A

Lauren Krone.jpg

Lauren Krone

Lauren is a Chemical Engineer but has been dabbling in art since she was a kid. She has lived in a variety of places in the US, most recently Houston, Texas. Lauren is planning to work in consulting post-HBS

  • Interests: Operations, particularly in large scale manufacturing (more generally – solving problems), Preferably in Consumer Facing Products; Exercise, General Health; Travel, Global Relations and Dynamics; Food, Art
  • HBS Clubs: General Management and Operations Club, Management Consulting Club, Running Club, Women’s Student Association
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: While the section experience is great and allows you to meet a great group of people early on, it is not the end all be all of HBS. Some of the closest friends I have at HBS are outside my section; take the time to meet those around you, everyone has a great story
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting Recruiting, Fitting your hobbies into your schedule, Navigating the sea of people you meet at HBS, Travel (both US and International)
  • Section: Old G

WSA - full res-4.jpg

Megan Trout

Megan has a background in Retail Sourcing from her time at Target Corporate in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally Megan has served in the United States Peace Corps as a TEFL Volunteer in Ukraine. As a Northwestern Alumna, Megan is returning to Chicago this summer to work in consulting

  • Interests: Traveling and itinerary planning, photography, hosting gatherings of friends and family, visiting the cinema and theater, retail and consumer packaged goods, listening to NPR.
  • HBS Clubs: Women’s Student Association, Marketing Club, Board Fellows and Social Enterprise Consulting, Management Consulting Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Say yes to new things. There has never been a better time in your life to try something entirely new – join a new club, eat a new food, meet new people, travel to a new city/country, keep an open mind on a new course subject. By saying yes you will be amazed at the adventures that unfold throughout the year and the enjoyment you experience from the most unexpected people and places
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting Interviewing, Leadership at HBS, Dorm Life, Field 2 in Indonesia
  • Section: Old F

Meghan Pacholski

Meghan is a health care nerd from Ohio where she spent most of her time in strategy and M&A pre-HBS. She’s planning to move out west and become a general manager for a health care company after graduation

  • Interests: Health care services, payors & providers, mentoring, “adventurous” travel, road cycling, food & wine
  • HBS Clubs: Section Leadership (Ed Rep), Health Care Club, Women’s Student Association, Volleyball Club, McCulloch by Design (dorm community initiative)
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Be selfish! You only have two precious years here, so make sure you focus on doing what you actually like and getting out of the experience what is important to you, not what others are doing or what you think you “should” do
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Demystifying academics, effective section leadership, dorm life, FIELD 2 in India, “time management”
  • Section: Old F 


Mohit Mittal

International EC Ambassador

Mohit is from India where he has spent most of his pre-HBS life. He worked as a consultant in India and in public health in Geneva prior to HBS

  • Interests: Travel, adventure, cooking, tech and innovation, public health, sustainable bottom-of-pyramid solutions.
  • HBS Clubs: South Asian Business Association (SABA), Tech Club, Social Enterprise Club, Healthcare Club, General Management and Operations Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Be yourself. Follow your interests and passions. It’s very easy to get lost at HBS with so many things happening around you. Do what YOU like and what YOU want to do. Never feel shy of asking for help – people at HBS are truly amazing and always ready to help!
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Being an international student at HBS, recruiting, consulting, doing FIELD 2 in China, managing FOMO at HBS
  • Section: Old H


Patrick MacKenzie

Patrick is from Santa Barbara, CA, and studied engineering at Stanford. Prior to HBS, Patrick was an 8th grade science teacher and track coach in Mississippi with Teach For America, and a business analyst at McKinsey. He plans to re-enter the world of education reform after business school, possibly as a school principal

  • Interests: Education reform, backpacking, running, cycling, dinner parties, traveling
  • HBS Clubs: Volunteer Club Co-President, Tutoring at Gardner Pilot Academy, Running and Triathlon Club, General Management Club, Social Enterprise Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Think really hard about what your priorities are at HBS – classes, grades, travel, friends, clubs, parties, etc – and act based on those. RC year is incredibly busy, and you’ll never feel like you have enough time for everything. Though you’ll always feel like you’re missing out on something – it’s a really frustrating feeling, and FOMO is real – but that feeling is much better when you’re clear about what you’re prioritizing and going about things purposefully. And no one will notice if you don’t show up to a party. Really, they won’t. It’s okay to sleep once in a while
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting recruiting, social enterprise, education, pursuing a non-traditional career path and off-cycle recruiting, awesome RC trips, being an introvert at HBS, learning to be comfortable speaking up
  • Section: Old I

Pooja Venkatraman

Pooja grew up in New Jersey and, after studying English at Harvard College, worked in Corporate Strategy at Capital One. She will be moving to San Francisco to work in consulting after HBS

  • Interests: Food, fiction, editing, writing, etymology, podcasts, cooking competitions, coffee, boozy brunch
  • HBS Club: Harbus, Management Consulting Club, South Asian Business Association
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Life moves fast at HBS! Take time over the summer to: decide what your priorities are going to be in business school and figure out your career aspirations, or at least key questions to test. These things may shift while you’re here, but you’ll be glad you gave yourself a starting point
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Consulting recruiting, the section experience / section culture, class participation and case-reading
  • Section: Old D

Raghav Iyengar

Former Well Engineer at Schlumberger – designed and drilled oil wells in Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Undergrad – Mech. Eng. from IIT Madras (India) 

  • Interests: India, Energy, Retail and Visual Arts. Art works can be viewed at 
  • HBS Clubs: Art Society, South Asian Business Association (SABA), Management Consulting Club, Marketing and CPG Club
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Focus on one-on-one relationship building with your peers rather than just socialising at networking events where you don’t get to know people at a deeper level
  • Reach out to me with questions about: International student concerns, interest in the Arts, India Conference, living in the dorms, etc.
  • Section: Old E

Matt Simpson

Matt is a former management consultant from Detroit, Michigan. He’s planning to move back home and enter the automotive industry in marketing after HBS. This summer he is working with Cadillac at General Motors on launch & lifecycle marketing

  • Interests: Cars, motorcycles, pretty much anything with an engine that goes fast. The revitalization of Detroit and the great state of Michigan in general. Design and customer psychology. Good whiskey in a quiet bar.
  • HBS Clubs: Transportation, Infrastructure & Logistics Club (President), Manbassadors (Chief), Movember HBS campaign captain, DeTrek organizer, General Management & Operations Club, Midwest Students Association
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Stick to your guns. There’s a strong pull for more “traditional” paths, but if you have specific interests, don’t stop pursuing it. Don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten path, even if it sometimes feels like you’re the only one working towards it. To that end, know what you’re interests and goals are before getting to campus, and don’t be afraid to take risks
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Off-campus recruiting or networked career searches, how to grow an awesome beard, recruiting in non-traditional industries, good whiskey to try, manufacturing industry opportunities, how to monetize your mustache for charity, club leadership, why on earth I’m still a Detroit Lions fan (seriously ask me, it’s a problem)
  • Section: Old G


Hrithik Bansal

International EC Ambassador

I’m from India but lived in many countries after high school. I’ve dabbled in Development Economics, Public Policy and managed an agribusiness

  • Interests: Politics, Books, Cricket, Economics.
  • HBS Clubs: Food Beverage and Agribusiness Club, South Asian Business Alliance
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: Own the experience and enjoy the ride. It’ll most likely be different from what you expect
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Anything!
  • Section: Old J

Tina Liu

Tina is a healthcare nerd, tree lover, and hugger extraordinaire. She worked in healthcare finance/investing prior to HBS and has been using business school to explore a leap to the startup side

  • Interests: Healthcare, entrepreneurship, life philosophy, science, art museums, painting, running, hiking, trees, comedy
  • HBS Clubs: Student Association, Health Care Club, Entrepreneurship Club, CODE
  • One piece of advice for incoming RC’s: People are naturally judgmental, business people perhaps even more so. But when you arrive at HBS, try to suspend judgment. Get to know sectionmates and classmates you might not otherwise have befriended. You’ll probably be surprised at what you learn about them, the world, and yourself
  • Reach out to me with questions about: Risk aversion, making the jump from finance to startups, the entrepreneurial scene, interning at a startup
  • Section: Old B


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