Career Task Force

Support for HBS career

Diana Chen photo.jpg

Diana Chen

  • 3 Words to describe you: 
    Fueled by quesadillas
  • Why did you join the SA?:
    To better connect students to career resources across all industries
  • Favorite HBS Memory (so far):
    Presenting a MyTakes to my section
  • In another life, what would your job be?: 
    Math teacher or astronaut
  • Something you're proud of that you rarely tell people:
    I started ballet in college and performed en pointe for the first time my senior year
  • If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why:
    My great great great granddaughter, to ask her how it all turned out
Patrick Duff.jpg

Patrick Duff

SA Senator - Admissions Committee

Jason Chang IMG_3396.jpg

Jason Chang

VP of Entrepreneurship Strategy

Dave Anderson.jpg

Dave Anderson

VP of Entrepreneurship Council

 Whitney Staples  VP of Career Enrichment

Whitney Staples

VP of Career Enrichment