Community Task Force

Support for HBS community

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Meg Williams

  • 3 Words to describe you: 
    Energetic - Curious - Extroverted
  • Why did you join the SA?:
    I love bringing people together!
  • Favorite HBS Memory (so far):
    Karaoke with 2019 Section A (by far)
  • In another life, what would your job be?: 
    U.S. Army Officer
  • Something you're proud of that you rarely tell people:
    I make a mean Sunday morning potato hash. 
  • If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why:
    Megan Rapinoe--I think we could be best friends.  I just need an introduction. 
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Kyle Emory

VP of Alumni Relations

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Grace Feenstra

VP of Eat & Engage

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Graham Thomas

VP of Evolve and MyTakes

Tiffany Le  VP of Harvard-Yale

Tiffany Le

VP of Harvard-Yale

Anastasia Istratova  VP of TGITs

Anastasia Istratova