Marketing Task Force

Support for HBS Student Marketing

Jordan Richard-Craven cherry IMG_6230.jpg

Jordan Richard-Craven

  • 3 Words to describe you: 
    Outgoing, silly, anxious
  • Why did you join the SA?:
    To make HBS a more supportive place for women and people of color - and anyone who feels they don't belong
  • Favorite HBS Memory (so far):
    Colombia Trek Beach Party and Party Boat
  • In another life, what would your job be?: 
    An internationally renown photographer, of badass everyday women all over the world
  • Something you're proud of that you rarely tell people:
    I was the starting third baseman for four years and captain of my hs varsity softball team
  • If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why:
    Hillary Clinton - to ask what happened in the election, how she lost her fire/why she played it so safe - and how we get a woman in charge