Our mission is simple: to ensure that each student has an enriching, fulfilling and fun experience during their two years at HBS. We will achieve this by actively soliciting your input and ideas, which will be the driving force of our events and programming as well as our discussions with the administration. Based on extensive feedback from the student body, here are the five pillars that will guide our work over the next year:

  • Expanding personal and professional opportunities
  • Strengthening our community through continuously engaging students, partners, and families
  • Emphasizing health & wellness to ensure mental, physical and emotional well-being
  • Enhancing the student experience with technology improvements
  • Fostering diversity & inclusion in all that we do

What We Do

Student Advocacy

Listen, represent and advocate on
behalf of the student body to enact
programs and policies that matter 


Strive to create and shape an inclusive,
honest, and fun community where
everyone can thrive

HBS Traditions

Create and sustain time-honored traditions, strengthening the ties
between the student body and alumni



Support important social, economic,
and cultural issues that impact
all members of our community

Health & Wellness

Understand the challenges
that students may encounter at HBS
and provide support and care

SA Products Office

Introduce and offer HBS products,
from section fleeces to graduation frames, 
that last a lifetime